The Invisible Monument

« The Invisible Monument » shows the process of an anachronic reading of Tehran using underground layers of an abandoned irrigation network to reveal the capital’s contemporary nature and needs. As a graphic novel, the book retraces the history of Tehran since its Zoroastrian beginnings by shedding light on how an infrastructure has the capacity to shape thoughts and space through time. Out of the necessity to inhabit the desert, an anthropogenic landscape shaped by underground water sources and astronomical cycles gave emergence to the enclosed garden as one of the oldest art forms.

The Invisible Monument, Sara Kamalvand, 2020

Editing: Sonia Berger
Graphic design: Jaime Narváez

Pre-Press: La Troupe
First edition: Bon–Gah, 2020

17x23cm soft cover

ISBN: 978-600-5268-42-3

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