“Los Viajes de Agua”


In an ecological emergency context, the underground network “los viajes de agua“ or “qanat” – an ancestral infrastructure of Persian origin which was at the origin of the city of Madrid in the 9th century before being abandoned in the 19th century – embodies a sustainable solution to deal with the current water shortage. Open call for research assistants to help develop a contemporary garden project: a place to conserve water and reactivate the memory of the city. As part of the partnership between ETSAM and Casa de Velázquez. Open Call to Master level students of the Polytechnic University of Madrid for a research internship of 4 months (March – July 2020).


Successful applicants will have the opportunity to participate in an applied research project on water and gardens. The five months will be dedicated to field work and studio work focused on mapping possible reactivation sites, in-situ investigation, analysis of archives, drawing, writing, analysis, diagnosis, leading up to a design project for a contemporary garden that can collect, filter and store water from the abandoned network.

Candidates must speak English or French


The Open Call is addressed to students at the master level of ETSAM, who wish to participate in a research project related to landscape and art. Motivation will be the predominant criterion. Applicants must have computer skills and their own laptop, aswell as be comfortable with technical drawings, model making, writing, documenting, and lobbying. Interests in gardens, botany, craft, infrastructure and public space are important. Applicants must agree to participate the equivalent of 60 hours per month. The work will be the subject of documents presented in the form of drawings and texts, that may be published and / or exhibited, and or executed. The selected applicants will be cited as “Research-Assistant”. A certificate of collaboration will be given by the Casa de Velázquez and HydroCity. All production costs are covered by HydroCity. Transport costs for field work must be assumed by the applicants themselves.


Send elements listed below to contact@hydrocity.ca
Portfolio Maximum 10 MB
CV (workshops, internships, IT skills, language skills)
Motivation letter 2500 characters: highlight the motivations of the research themes
Administrative documents: Scanned double-sided copy of a valid identity document (a residence permit will be requested from candidates who are not citizens of the European Union and the European economic area and Switzerland)

A pre-selection may lead to auditions that will take place at Casa de Velázquez

Applicants will be notified and must be available to start work by March 2.

NB. It is specified that within the framework of the RESEARCH COLLABORATION the selected students remain under the responsibility of ETSAM. They will have to attest to personal civil insurance covering them in the event of an accident Casa de Velázquez nor HydroCity can be held responsible.