Ingruttati Palermo

Ingruttati Palermo was organised by HydroCity as part of the Manifesta12 “The Planetary Garden”‘s educational 5x5x5 programme at the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo in collaboration with Pietro Todaro, Maurizio Carta, Paolo Cascone and Renzo Lecardane.

For a period of 10 days a group of twenty local and international students and professionals from the fields of architecture, urbanism, and fine arts gathered to research the infrastructure of Palermo’s abandoned qanat network and the social structure of Danisinni, an isolated community built in the marshes of an old waterway just outside of the historic city’s gate. Today the community uses qanat water for the church gardens. The qanat network is a complex system that inter-links different places and concerns in Palermo. This system of complex knots and lines is reflected in the collaborative network approach practiced by the community in Danisinni. Self-organization and a common management of resources is key to finding an alternative way of regeneration. Our work was inspired by this complex system of interlinkages. The process of investigations  was based on the belief in a collective intelligence and using a network approach to interlink collaborative work and thoughts.

Results of the workshop were exhibited in the Crypt of the Chiesa Parrocchiale, Santa Agnese – Piazza Danisinni from July 27th to November 4th 2018


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