Mapping Mehrgerd

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

July 2016

The exhibition focuses on the revival of Tehran’s oldest qanat, Mehrgerd, through the proposal of a green walk that goes from the qanat’s source, to its exutory, over a five kilometer path. The walk will echo the qanat’s underground itinerary and ensure its wellbeing, by investing the open air canal network that runs parallel on the surface. Elements of the Persian garden will be used in a sequential procession that will take the visitor through some of the city’s most iconic buildings and will culminate in Golestan Palace, where the qanat’s water will be brought back to use. The project positions the qanat as a resumptive figure, allowing water conservation and urban renewal to correlate through the awakening of ancient skills.

*an applied research project initiated by HydroCity at ESA-LAB (ECOLE SPÉCIALE D’ARCHITECTURE-PARIS)
in partnership with the municipality of Tehran, the Art, City and Landscape Festival of Amiens, and the French Institute for Research in Iran.