Tehran’s Corridors

Tehran's Ecological Corridors in Domus.

“The city had evolved in the axis of a central waterway becoming its spinal cord before it sprawled into a territory seven times its size in a short time span of thirty years. In fact, before its Modernist expansion, Tehran like all other Iranian cities in the desert, was dependent on its adjacent mountain for water. An ancient irrigation network called the quanat tapped water from the foothill at the bed of the waterways creating a linear network between mountain city and agricultural plain. In 2004 a new master-plan was commissioned by the state to architect Hadi Mirmiran which offered an opportunity to revise the city but this time through a local vision, grounded in persian culture and its focus on the art of the garden as an archetype. The new master-plan which has now become an official document, is a strategy to rethink the city through its watershed by the irrigation of five urban corridors which borrow the traces of the old rivers and cross the site from the mountains to the desert.”

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